Welcome Home Company Dancers!

Ballet Arizona’s studios are packed and music fills every corner of the building as our Company Dancers return from their summer vacations. Join us as we welcome them home, celebrate their return and read about their summer adventures.

Performance Spotlight: 2017-2018 Season

It is because of your generosity and patronage that Ballet Arizona is able to bring ballet to the stage, train aspiring dancers aged 3 to 83, educate students across the valley about the arts, and use dance to connect and inspire people all over Arizona.

10 things you may not know about Ib Andersen’s “The Nutcracker”

With the temperatures consistently in the triple digits, here are some fun facts about The Nutcracker to help you dream of the cooler weather to come!

Fond Farewell to Kenna Draxton

On Sunday May 14, please join us for a special performance honoring Kenna and her contributions to Ballet Arizona. Come bid a fond farewell complete with curtain call and flower presentation.

Michelle Vagi in Balanchine's Seranade

Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “All Balanchine” & “Topia”

Thank you for being such an instrumental part of Ballet Arizona’s 2016-2017 season. Together we’ve traveled the world – from India to Verona to Rio. We are thrilled to conclude our season at Desert Botanical Garden this May with “Topia” and hope to see you at “All Balanchine” this week.

Behind The Scenes: Costume Director Leonor Texidor

In the evening I volunteered to do the costumes for a street theater group, and there I learned how to make something out of nothing and how to observe the way fabrics move, and how the director and the actors work.

Jillian Barrell and Nayon Iovino in Balanchine's Rubies

Center Stage: “All Balanchine”

Take a peek behind the curtain as Ballet Arizona dancers share the physical, emotional and mental strength Balanchine performances demand and what it’s like to learn from one of George Balanchine’s protégés, Ib Andersen.

Dancer’s Story – Annier Navarro

I had a neighbor in Cuba who lived in AZ for a while. His only description of Arizona was “hot”. I had no idea just how beautiful Arizona would be with or without its summer heat. I was unprepared for everything it holds.

George Balanchine’s Western Symphony ballet performed by Ballet Arizona featuring Nayon Iovino

Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “All Balanchine”

I continue to do a Balanchine program each year because, in my opinion, he is the number one choreographer that we have ever seen in ballet. There is no one like him; no one is as diverse as him and I don’t think there ever will be.

Dancer’s Story: Natalia Magnicaballi

For years, audiences have been watching me on stage, as I bring to life characters from beautiful ballets, making them forget about their realities, transporting them to different worlds, making my steps look effortless and alive, but, sometimes, I wonder if they really know the meaning of what I do?