What is Flamenco Dance?

Dance enthusiasts who want to try something new may want to consider trying flamenco dancing. Learn more about this dance style and see why it is so popular among dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Preparing Your Toddler for Their First Creative Movement Dance Class

Preparing Your Toddler for a Creative Movement Dance Class

If your child has never taken part in one of our creative movement dance classes before – or any type of dance class for that matter – it can certainly be an intimidating (but exciting!) experience.

Designing Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Costumes

Ballet Arizona is giving you a sneak peek at the enchanting, new costumes designed by Fabio Toblini for the beloved Shakespearean classic.

Adult Dance Classes

Ballet Barre Workout Ideas

Performing a few simple exercises that are similar to what our dancers do when they are at the ballet barre will help you improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Art in the 48 – Ballet Arizona Feature

Jillian Barrell & Nayon Iovino were recently featured in the PBS program “Art in the 48.” Take a peek into their daily lives and hear about what it is really like to be a professional dancer.

7 Most Famous Female Dancers in History

Discover seven amazingly talented female dancers who are role models to current dancers all over the world.

The Composer Series: A Look at Mendelssohn

Whether or not the name Mendelssohn strikes a chord with you, you most certainly know his music. Join us as we take a look at the life and work of one of the most popular composers of the Romantic era.

Your Guide to A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s iconic tale A Midsummer Night’s Dream has a lot going on, and we mean a lot. From fairies and a spell-bound donkey, to a love square, Ballet Arizona is here to break it down for you!

Choosing a Ballet Studio

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Ballet Studio

The inherent elegance of ballet lends itself well to photoshoots, which highlight both the beauty of the human form and the precision of dance technique. Dancers make these shoots look easy, but a lot more goes into them than you might think. With a little effort, however, the end product can prove absolutely stunning.