different styles of ballet

Different Styles of Ballet

To the untrained eye, all ballet dancers appear to be doing the same type of steps and movements, but they really aren’t all doing the same thing. While all ballet may look the same, there are actually different styles of ballet. Each style has specific characteristics that make it unique.

Why It’s Important to Recognize National Ocean Month

When thinking about favorite holidays, the traditional holidays probably come to mind – Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July – but there is one “holiday” that is often overlooked. That holiday (or in this case a month of recognition) is National Ocean Month.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

As the curtain closes on our 2018 – 2019 season, it is time to say goodbye to some of our beloved company dancers. We sat down with Mimi Tompkins, Amber Lewis, Jackson Dwyer, and Anna Grunewald, and talked about their time at Ballet Arizona and what they are all up to next!

Russian Style Ballet

How Russian Style Ballet Influenced American Ballet

Take a look behind the curtain and see how Russian Ballet has influenced American Ballet that you can see in action with Ballet Arizona.

A Day in the Life of Company Dancer Ethan Price

With his third season with Ballet Arizona coming to a close this weekend, we took a look at a day in his life as a professional dancer!

Casting a Ballet

Behind the Scenes of Casting a Ballet: Q&A With Artistic Director

Have you ever wondered what goes into casting a ballet? We recently interviewed our in-house choreographer Ib Andersen to give you a behind the scenes look.

Ballet Performance as an Attendee

How to Prepare For a Ballet Performance as an Attendee

If you’re planning on attending an upcoming ballet performance by Ballet Arizona, we can’t wait to welcome you. If it’s your first ballet performance as an attendee, you may have some lingering questions. It is our hope that this blog will answer some of those questions and get you excited about the experience.

Q&A with Nayon Iovino: New York Choreographic Institute

Learn more about company dancer and choreographer, Nayon Iovino’s time at the prestigious New York Choreographic Institute!

How to Appreciate ballet as a non-dancer

Ballet is an art form known for its rigorous technique, flowing and precise movements, lithe aesthetics, and ethereal qualities. Even if you are a non-dancer, there are many ways to appreciate ballet!

In The Spotlight: Tracy Olson

Hear from Contemporary Council Chairwoman, Tracy Olson, about fostering a passion for ballet among a new generation of patrons.