Dancer’s Story: Natalia Magnicaballi

1 0 9 March 2017

For years, audiences have been watching me on stage, as I bring to life characters from beautiful ballets, making them forget about their realities, transporting them to different worlds, making my steps look effortless and alive, but, sometimes, I wonder if they really know the meaning of what I do?

Behind the Scenes with Nayon Iovino: “Today’s Masters”

0 0 2 March 2017

I really enjoy the process of creating a piece. Coming up with ideas. It’s a lot of fun for me. I really enjoyed doing the Brazillian piece, “Nine O’Clock”, for “Innovations”. It really reminded me of home. I even included a song that my dad and I used to listen to in the car.

Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “Romeo & Juliet”

0 0 26 Jan 2017

I’m very proud of this version. I love that each time, I’m able to see my choreography better and better because our dancers keep getting better. This ballet is a very human story, not a fairy tale, so I try to make the dancers look like beings instead of dancers. It’s very real.

Dancer’s Story: Amber Lewis

0 2 20 Jan 2017

It wasn’t until I moved to the states did I fully understand the meaning of a “traditional Christmas”. Finally everything started to make sense. Those wintry Christmas movies and all those Christmas songs.

Celebrating Maria Simonetti

5 2 12 Jan 2017

Whether she is managing company dancers, planning rehearsals or creating magic alongside Ib Andersen, Maria Simonetti serves at the heart of everything Ballet Arizona is and everything we strive to be.

Dancer’s Story: Michelle Vagi

0 2 28 Dec 2016

Thanks to a little bundle of joy rapidly growing inside of me (in other words, I’m pregnant!) I’ll be taking a break from dancing this season. Being pregnant definitely has its perks.

Ballet Arizona Holiday Traditions

1 0 22 Dec 2016

Read about a few favorite holiday traditions and memories shared by Ballet Arizona’s Company Dancers and Staff.

Meet Our Newest Company Members

0 1 26 Aug 2016

Join us as we welcome Ballet Arizona’s newest Company dancers, Alberto Penalver, Erick Garnica and Ricardo Santos to our family. We look forward to what each of these amazing artists will bring to our productions during the 2016-2017 season.

Welcome Studio Company Graduates

1 1 26 Aug 2016

As we open the 2017 Season, we are honored to welcome former Studio Company members from The School of Ballet Arizona Ava Cobb, Katherine Loxtercamp, Ethan Price and Ana Maria Spear to our Company family!

Q & A with Dancer Kaelyn Magee

0 0 24 Oct 2016

Kaelyn Magee was born in Carmel, California and began her ballet training at age seven with local teachers. At age ten, she began studying at the Studio School of Classical Ballet upon invitation from Diane Cypher and Robert Kelley, and soon afterwards joined Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre.