Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “Rio”

0 0 23 March 2017

To me, ballet is about nature in a big way. So what I bring to the plate is everything that I’ve done since I was born. I have a very raw interest in most everything. You can do almost anything with dance. It’s like painting a picture. Whatever you want to do you can do.

An Evening with Today’s Masters

0 0 16 March 2017

Breathing life into original choreography requires a gift of artistry, vision and execution, all within the realm of infinite patience. No one does this better than our Artistic Director Ib Andersen!

Behind the Scenes with Nayon Iovino: “Today’s Masters”

0 0 2 March 2017

I really enjoy the process of creating a piece. Coming up with ideas. It’s a lot of fun for me. I really enjoyed doing the Brazillian piece, “Nine O’Clock”, for “Innovations”. It really reminded me of home. I even included a song that my dad and I used to listen to in the car.