Cultivating the Next Generation of Arts Patrons

For me, ballet has always served as a creative and inspirational outlet.  Now, ballet has helped me build a greater community as a young professional in Phoenix.

Viva la Dance with Natalie Salvione

Dance comes in all shapes, sizes and there is no limit to who can experience it and the emotions it brings out of you. As a dancer, dance can bring you pure joy and the incredible feeling of accomplishment when you’ve danced your best on-stage.

Celebrating the Father of American Ballet

George Balanchine may not have been born in America, but his story is an All-American tale of an immigrant who comes to America, works hard, follows his passions, and finds fame and an enduring love for the country and culture.

SBAZ Now Accepting International Students – by Carlos Valcárcel

Ballet does not recognize color or nationality. Ballet is an international language. It is a language that every dancer speaks. It doesn’t matter if you are from the United States, Madagascar or India. A plié is plié. An arabesque is an arabesque.

An Evening Celebrating “Topia”

I was most touched by the fun the dancers had while performing this piece. It was evident on their faces, and was contagious for the crowd. I know I am not alone when I say Topia is the perfect end to a successful and engaging season!

The Power of You – with Samantha Turner

You have taught me how powerful one person can be. Your contributions inspire our artistic vision and help support Ballet Arizona financially. However, the gift of your time, voice and passion are equally important.

Michelle Vagi in Balanchine's Seranade

Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “All Balanchine” & “Topia”

Thank you for being such an instrumental part of Ballet Arizona’s 2016-2017 season. Together we’ve traveled the world – from India to Verona to Rio. We are thrilled to conclude our season at Desert Botanical Garden this May with “Topia” and hope to see you at “All Balanchine” this week.

Behind The Scenes: Costume Director Leonor Texidor

In the evening I volunteered to do the costumes for a street theater group, and there I learned how to make something out of nothing and how to observe the way fabrics move, and how the director and the actors work.

George Balanchine’s Western Symphony ballet performed by Ballet Arizona featuring Nayon Iovino

Behind the Scenes with Ib Andersen: “All Balanchine”

I continue to do a Balanchine program each year because, in my opinion, he is the number one choreographer that we have ever seen in ballet. There is no one like him; no one is as diverse as him and I don’t think there ever will be.

The Personal is Political – by Hannah Cooper

The personal is political. Personal choices and experiences do not happen in a vacuum. They are shaped by the political and social environment in which they live. Additionally, they shape the narrative of future discussions, analysis, and actions.